About Us


CAMTECH will be recognized as an affordable, innovative, high quality and student-centered career preparation institution in the region, state, nation and the world.


The mission of CAMTECH is to provide students the opportunity to create a better life through professional education in allied health and computer technology. Our commitment to our mission is reflected in our convictions and strategic priorities.

Our guiding principles

* Commitment to student-centeredness: Our students are at the core of our existence, thus all our decisions reflect our belief that students are the primary constituency of CAMTECH.

* Commitment to diversity: We embrace human diversity and treat everyone with dignity. We demonstrate inclusion by admitting students and employing faculty and staff without regard to race, creed, color or nationality. We complement our multicultural and multinational student body and employees by incorporating diverse perspectives in our education, thus preparing our graduates for our diverse and increasingly interconnected 21st Century world.

* Commitment to excellence: Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing the students with the best education at an affordable cost. Our goal is to prepare our graduates for sustainable professional careers in their fields of specialization. In return, we expect our students to be good ambassadors of CAMTECH as they excel in their chosen careers.

* Commitment to Hands-on education: As a career-focused institution CAMTECH understands that students “learn best by doing”. That is why our programs are designed to provide diverse opportunities for hands-on training where students apply classroom knowledge in solving real world problems.