Alumni Message

President's Message to Alumni

Dear Valued Alumni,

We hope all is well with you as you pursue your post CAMTECH career. We wanted to take a moment and inform you of a great career advancing opportunity here at CAMTECH. In the current economic climate it is important to continue seeking ways to enhance your marketability so as to improve your job prospects and continue to grow your income. We have introduced some new programs here at CAMTECH that would help you achieve just that.

Our revised combined phlebotomy and EKG course is designed to cover the latest in the field and tailored toward working professionals who are already working in the healthcare field. Recent trends indicate that RNs, LPNs and CNAs who take this combined phlebotomy/EKC certification training would greatly enhance their marketability and income.  These are the types of skills that would enable CNAs and LPNs to expand their job prospects beyond nursing homes into hospitals and other healthcare settings previously out of reach to them. We encourage you to give us a call for more information on this program. As a valued alumnus you, more than others understand how flexible we are with our programming to accommodate working professionals like you. We would also like to have you back on our/your campus!

Anticipated program duration: 4 weeks for RNs/LPNs and 6 weeks for CNAs. We also have ongoing daylong refresher courses for some of our programs, in case they better match your more immediate needs. For more information about this exciting and short, yet highly impactful program opportunities call us at 302-998-8166

Thank you

Francis Tormen, Ph.D.
CAMTECH School of Health Sciences and Technology